Legalizing Prostitution

Legalizing Prostitution Can Only Help Our Country
Prostitution has been deemed illegal by the government of the United States, but some other countries, Denmark and France for example, have not. These Countries have benefited from the government control of legalized prostitution. Not only have their governments freed themselves of perpetual legal tie-ups, but they also have both better crime and HIV infection rates than the United States. Legalizing prostitution in North America will help our own country in these same ways, and should be done so as soon as possible.
Prostitutes are arrested everyday in the United States, and they must stand trial before a judge like any other American citizen. Most can only be charged for soliciting and are fined. "Prosecuting prostitutes has been an endless cycle for years", says Officer Doyle of the Evesham Police Department, "A prostitute is charged, fined, may spend a night in jail. Then, by the next day, they have paid their fine and are working the streets again that night." This cycle burdens both the legal system and law enforcement by wasting time and money in bringing sex-workers into court. Of course, it can be argued that prostitutes lead law enforcement to larger crime rings, but if you take into account the crime rates of other countries that have legalized prostitution, this argument may not be true.
Legalized prostitution allows law enforcement to not only control both the men and women whom participate in it, but also more effectively bring pimps and sex-traffickers to justice. Countries, such as France and Denmark, have legalized prostitution, but only in a government facility or area. These countries' crime rates, which are related to prostitution, are shown in the chart below compared to the United States.

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