Legalizing Marijuana

My team and I believe that legalizing marijuana would be a good idea.It would lower violence, help the government, and would be used in modern medicine.

Thefirst point that my team and I would like to make is the positives to legalizing marijuana.If marijuana was legalized, we believe that crime would decrease.There would not be any drug deals occurring involving marijuana so the chances of a drug deal going bad would not occur.The number of gangs and drug dealers would also decrease.If we are able to legalize marijuana there would be no need for a black market, and all of the violence such as burglary that comes with the dealing of marijuana. People who also are growing the plant usually have weapons to protect themselves and the discovery of their plants. Less crime would occur and the streets would be a safer place.Legalization of marijuana works in other countries such as Holland, so it should be able to work in the U.S.

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Next we would like to bring to your attention that the government would benefit from legalizing marijuana.They would be able to tax the drug and increase government revenue.This would help lower the national debt and fund social programs for society.The government would also not have to waste money on trying to make marijuana legal and punish those who sell and use it for personal pleasures.Most crimes committed in the United States are connected to the dealing of marijuana.Therefore the police force would not have to waste there time on marijuana related crimes.The number of inmates in a prison would also decrease with the legalization of marijuana, since using it would not be illegal. USA TODAY estimated the potential tax earnings from legal marijuana sales at $11 billion per year, and that only accounts for taxes on the marijuana, not including taxes on the income generated by the legal sellers, distributors, and producers.The sale of marijuana as a prescription drug also s…

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