Legalizing Marijuana

In this essay I will try to state my opinion accurately upon my thoughts of
legalizing marijuana.I will try to argue my opinion with these three strong
topics or arguments.Marijuana is a god given plant and has no right to be
illegal in this country or any part of the world.It's proven by scientists and
test subjects that marijuana has no long term effect on the brain or anything
else in the body, except for minor, if any,respiratory problems.Another
argument is that the plant is used medically to help the terminally ill or
First and foremost marijuana is a god given plant born on this earth naturally.It is
written scripturallythat any plant born naturally on this earth will have the
right to be legal and free to the world.The plant was put on this earth for
two reasons: to relive pain and help people enjoy themselves, and for the use of
hemp to make clothing and miscellaneous. Marijuana is not a mind-altering drug,
and you can make your own decisions without even breaking a sweat."God made
weed, Man made beer, who do you trust? Alcohol is a mind-altering drug, and
most often you can't see straight.On marijuana, you concentrate more on
things.For example, driving.I have yet to see an accident written in the
papers or news about a person on marijuana getting into a car accident.
Secondly, it is proven that marijuana does no brain damage.Recently a test
was done with four people.First the scientists took their Intelligent Quotient scores before
they were on marijuana.Second, they put the subjects on marijuana and took
their IQ scores again.Their scores dramatically dropped.They scientists took
the subjects off marijuana and took their IQ scores three months after the date
that they stopped smoking marijuana.Their IQ scores were the same as the time
before they started smoking marijuana.Therefore, m

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