Legalizing Marijuana

Hippies with the long wavy hair are the only people left who smokes weed right? Wrong, someone you know and trust smokes weed whether it is your children, parents, next door neighbor, best friend, student, or even your teacher. It can be anyone! Everyday hundreds of people get in trouble for smoking weed, so how can we help them with this problem? We can legalize marijuana.
Granted, legalizing pot can be a mildly troubling thing to do because it will bring out a lot more protesters than there already is. Our government has thousands upon thousands of protesters and some of them protest marijuana. Some want it legal and the others never want it to reach markets and have all pot smokers thrown into jail. Others want it legal so they can just hang out all day and get blazed on the couch and only get up to get some munchies. However, people who protest marijuana isn't as bad as the other protesters. Pot protesters don't take to much action against the government like many others do.
Nobody denies that when pot is legalized, there will be a lot more people who are high. Yet, we have legalized alcohol and people who are drunk kill people and it is still legal to consume alcohol. Yet people who are stoned out of their minds have better judgment than the people who have been drinking just a few cans of beer. People who are using marijuana are not as violent as the people who have been drinking.
Legalizing marijuana will bring about a more reason for medicinal uses because then people who have cancer can use it in any state they want with out worrying if it is illegal or not. People with cancer should get it at a lower rate because they are using it not to get stoned but to help relieve the pain.
Furthermore, if marijuana is legalized, the United States will get out of debt quicker. The government will finally be using one of it resources to help itself out. Marijuana can grow almost anywhere. The governme

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