Legalizing drugs

Unleashing a Weed of Mass Destruction on America
While scanning through a newspaper, I came across a depressing article about a teenage girl who was found dead in her apartment because of a drug overdose. Also found in her dingy apartment was a baby girl. The article went on to say that she was a prostitute who sold herself to pay for her drug habit. The baby girl was given to child services, because nobody else wanted her, she was orphaned at 3 months and HIV positive. She had contracted it from her HIV positive-drug addicted-prostitute mother. The teenage girl had not only destroyed her own life, but the life of an innocent child. Incidents such as these show how drug abusers not only affect their own lives, but also the lives of relatives and complete strangers who may fall victim to their crimes. In light of this, the recent Controlled Drugs and Substances Act passed by the Canadian government to decriminalize the possession of 15 grams of marijuana or 1 gram of hash has incensed not only the White House, but numerous parents of teenagers across America who may cross the border to take advantage of the lax drug laws. The Canadian government made the decision because they felt it was futile to waste state resources unnecessarily arresting small time offenders that only ended up crowding prisons, instead, they will now invest that time and energy in pursuing'bigger fish'. This decision has revived the 1970s debate about whether or not to decriminalize legalize drugs in America. Currently, American drug laws are extremely stringent and for various reasons, the pro-drug legalization/ decimalization lobby want the use, sale, import, trafficking and production of drugs such as marijuana, weed, cannabis and more lethal drugs such as heroin and cocaine to be made legitimate and people found taking them to be able to do so without fear of getting a criminal record and prosecution. America spends over $60 billion a year on its …

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