Legalization of Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana

Should marijuana be legalized?This has been an enormous controversial issue for the last couple of decades.It's a drug that can be good for you, yet cause many great dangers.There are many views supporting and opposing the legalization of cannabis.
A patient suffering from AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and other serious conditions often find marijuana the most effective treatment.In some cases it may be the only remedy. (2nd or not) As of November 2000, there are only 8 patients receiving marijuana legally as a form of medication.There are thousands of people using the drug illegal to help them cope with their disease.Presently, patients can be arrested and sent to prison for using marijuana — even those who have their doctors’ approval. A 1990 scientific survey found that 54% of oncologists with an opinion favored the controlled availability of marijuana, and 44% had already broken the law by suggesting at least once that a patient obtain marijuana illegally (Doblin).
Marijuana has not yet been determined as addictive.Both cigarettes and marijuana both contain a certain amount of nicotine.Yet a person who smokes 2-3 joints a day will intake the same amount of nicotine as a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.Then why would one be legal and not the other?
On the other hand, marijuana should remain illegal because of the enormous side effects and addiction that results after using the drug. First, marijuana is what it is, a drug! You can’t change that no matter how many people vote on it. Sure, there are prescription drugs on the market that are potentially dangerous but there are effects are nothing compared to that of marijuana. Such a comparison can be made between a knife and a gun, prescription drugs being the knife and marijuana the gun. They are both potentially lethal and incredibly dangerous but they have their differences. With a knife, yo…

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