Legalization of Marijuana

Should marijuana be legalized in Canada?
Marijuana is a drug made up from the dried leaves and flowering tops of the hemp plant. Marijuana has various psychological and physical effects on the human body. Marijuana is usually smoked in pipes, bongs, cigarettes, or can even be mixed with foods, or beverages. Most people who use marijuana begin to do so between the ages of 12 and 18. The majority of them try the drug because of curiosity. Some people believe that marijuana improves their talents and capabilities, and even give them new understanding about life. Many users who try marijuana use it only a few times or infrequently. However, others develop a strong desire for it's effects and become regular users. Some regular users become dependent on the drug and have greatdifficulty in stopping its use. Many countries such as the United States, and Canada have laws that prohibit the distribution, possession, and even the use of marijuana. In Canada, marijuana use has been prohibited by state and local laws since the early 1900's and by federal law since 1937. In spite of these laws, use of the drug became widespread during the 1960's and 70's especially among young teens.
Marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals. When smoked produces over 2,000 chemicals that enters the body through the lungs. These chemicals have a variety of immediate short-term effects, and for the regular users of marijuana there have been linked to a number of long-term effects. In the short-term effects of marijuana include psychological, and physical reactions to the drug. These reactions usually last from 3 to 5 hours after smoking the drug. The psychological reaction known as a "buzz" consists of changes in the user feelings or even their thoughts. Mainly the THC causes these changes, which is one of the many chemicals, which are found in marijuana. The long-term effects of marijuana have not been fully researched on y…

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