legalization of marijuana

In America, we have a drug problem.Most do not like to admit it, but the problem is not getting better and it will most certainly not be solved with the current methods of drug enforcement.Those same people will also vehemently deny the fact that, those who use drugs are not the only ones causing the actual problem.Like the users themselves, the ones who wage the ”war on drugs” are also at fault, guilty of not doing what is best for the individual or the situation as a whole.In America or intentions towards drug use are sincere, but the approach of our legislators in regards to the problem does not accurately reflect the benefits of marijuana and the hemp plant, which in many ways hurts our society and our economy.
Marijuana, which is widely known as the drug most often used among Americans, takes responsibility for ninety percent of the drug use in America.Most do not realize that Marijuana is actually the largest cash crop in America even though it is illegal.The government estimates that it destroys at least ten percent of the marijuana produced in America each year, which means the Marijuana produced in this country each year is worth somewhere between twenty and forty billion dollars.This is an unbelievable number considering the enormous effort that the federal government makes to eradicate the production and distribution of marijuana.The government spends billions of dollars each year for drug task forces, drug prevention programs, and government agencies with the specific task of drug enforcement.Even with all of the efforts the government puts forth, drug use especially of marijuana users has not gone down significantly.
The origin of the marijuana plant is lost somewhere in pre-history, although it is probably native to central Asia, possibly China.It is among humanity’s earliest cultivated crops, dating back to the beginning of agriculture itself.The earliest archaeological evidence of mariju…

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