legalization of drugs

It is frequently stated that illegal drugs are "bad, dangerous, destructive" or "addictive" and that society has an obligation to keep them away from the public. But no where really, can be found reliable, objective scientific evidence that they are any more harmful than substances and activities that are infact legal. In view of the enormously expensive and time consuming "war" against drugs, has resulted in a ridiculous'criminalization' of the issue. I believe it is about time to examine the possibility justifying te legalization of certain illicit substances. Those who started prohibitions against drug use have not made their objectives clear. Do they really intend to protect us from evil, from addiction, or from poison? We live in a free society and it is only fair, as anindividual to decide for one's self whether to use or not to use certain substances; especially with Alcohol and Tobacco (both of with are indeed drugs) being legal and socially accepted.
The concept of evil is derived from subjective values which differ from one person to another, and is difficult to define. The question of why certain (illegal) substances are more evil than legal substances like alcohol has not be explained at all. The subject of'right' and'wrong' has never been successfully addressed by any higher authorities. Which brings us to the term "Addiction".
Addiction is a relative phenomenon. Certainly one cannot make a list of addictive substances while ignoring a plethora of human cravings- from chocolate to coffee, from hum to gambling, from sex to tobacco. Some people are more susceptible to addiction than others and some needs are more addictive than others. Probably the most addictive substance in our civilization is tobacco. Yet no one has suggested making it illegal.
The media'sfocus on the'junkie' has lead to a mistaken impression th

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