Legalization of Drugs

Legalization of Drugs. (PRO)

“There is much hysteria about drugs and drug use in this country and much misinformation.It is time we got rid of both, put drugs and drug abuse in their proper perspective and go on with our lives.”Richard Lawrence Miller, The case for Legalizing Drugs.I couldn’t agree more with historian and author Richard Lawrence. However, in order for us, citizens, to understand our nations drug war, in particular legalization of marijuana, we need to understand the facts known by researchers yet ignored by our government.

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“Thefirst modern marijuana experiments” performed by Andrew Weil proved that marijuana users “psychological” reactions are created entirely by set and setting rather than by pharmacological action.In other words, depending where the user is at is how he’ll react; the drug itself has nothing to do with how the user reacts to it. Basically, the user will full sensations, but won't know how to use them. Therefore, it they will mimic or act like someone else taking the drug at the time!Furthermore, marijuana users across our country use it for many purposes-to relax, concentrate, stimulate, inspire-basically producing whatever affects the user wants at the time.Furthermore, if the user, not the drug, wants to produce “violent stimulation” those user “wanting such effects may feel them”; which may explain “redefer madness” in the 1930s.Hey, 30 years later users wanted it for relaxing and mellowness purposes and they got it!So you can clearly see anyone who blames psychological and violent threats on marijuana are absolutely wrong; blame the person note the drug!

Also, marijuana’s safety can be measured by its “therapeutic ratio”, “the difference between the size of dose needed for the desired effect and the size that produces poisoning.”And you know guys; marijuana is so safe that the therapeutic ration hasn’t even been found, although “it has been estimated in the 1,0…

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