Legalization of drugs

The decriminalization of illegal drugs in America has been a growing debate within both political and community circles for many years now. A lot of people can say that there areadvantages on both sides of the argument. However, I believe that maintaining and enforcing our laws against drug use and sale is very important to our society's health and survival, but I also believe that if we can't stop the drug industry we might as well legalize it and tax it and make money for America.
There are several key arguments that are for the legalization of drugs. Among the most common arguments are: 1) We are losing the war on drugs and through legalization, we would be able to direct our law enforcement resources to other more important issues. 2) The government is spending too much money on the "War on Drugs" and would greatly benefit from the legalization of drugs through licensing and tax revenue. 3) Street violence resulting from drug use and sale would diminish through legalization as drug dealers and drug gangs would disappear. 4) Drugs and more specifically, marijuana are not as bad for you as the government would have you believe. 5) Drugs sold in the street are often mixed with impure ingredients which are potentially hazardous to users. Government regulation would ensure that only the finest quality drugs are sold.
The arguments above show clear solutions to some of our drug related problems. I have watched heated arguments, read news reports and watched documentaries that have to deal with the above "advantages" to decriminalization.
The war on drugs costs too much. Here are some statistics that are often quoted by those in favor of legalization: The Federal Government has spent about $18 billion a year on drug control activities in recent years. Local law enforcement agencies have spent an estimated $30 to $40 billion a year combined in stop…

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