Legalization for an Ancient Plant argumtative essay

Legalization for an Ancient Plant (Cannabis Sativa)
Marijuana is a controlled substance that should be legalized for medical and recreational use by responsible adults. With the Marijuana proposition coming up on the November ballot for legalization of up to 3 ounces. If approved, could generate massive tax dollars for the state of Nevada. Legalization would also remove a great tax burden from the state for imprisoning and supporting marijuana offenders. Any discussion of marijuana should begin with the fact that there have been numerous official reports and studies, every one of which has concluded that marijuana poses no great risk to society and should decriminalized.
(The National Academy of Sciences) “Analysis of Marijuana Policy”(1982)
In this argumentative essay, I will discuss the history of marijuana, the effects of marijuana, the ways that marijuana could be utilized in the medical field, and will discuss the reasons that marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana is defined by (, as a strong smelling plants from whose dried leaves a number of euphoria causing and hallucinogenic effects.The synonyms for marijuana are marihuana, ganja, pot, grass, weed, dope, skunk, Mary Jane, and Cannabis Sativa.
The plant has been grown for fiber and as a source of medicine for several thousand years. Thefirst uses of cannabis as a medicine are believed to be as an antiseptic and analgesic.Over the years marijuana has been used to treat sore eyes, earaches, edema, inflammation, hemorrhoids, asthma, skin diseases, cholera, stimulate an appetite and even to ease the pains of labor.In the 20th century, the advancements in medicine have allowed doctors to find many more uses for this "miracle" plant.By isolating the active drug in the marijuana plant doctors have been able to synthesize this drug.Although they have found ways to replicate the drug, it has not been as productive as the smok…

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