Leadership, the capacity to lead, providing direction or guidance to a country. The word leadership in my mind, is someone who does things for the good of the country and people, and who stands up for there nation in a time ofcritical situation. These two leaders have done this in similar and different ways.The leader of the past is Mattin Luther King and George Bush..
A good leader builds and maintains a group, gets the job done, helps the group feel comfortable and at ease, helps set and clearly define objectives while assuming the role of guiding or helping others perform.Despite what some might think, there are no born leaders.Leadership is something that is acquired through life experiences and practice.Martin Luther King and George Bush were successful leaders in the world.Theyhave lots of special qualities that makes them leader and also these qualities are necessary to be a leader such as Trustworthy, professionalism and enabling.
Martin Luther King, Jr. had all of the characteristics including Trustworthy, professionalism and enabling of a good leader.He was courageous, sincere, truthful, honest and fair with plenty of integrity as a God fearing minister. He listened to the needs of others and explained effectively what he wanted and why he wanted those things.When King dealt with the vicious dogs and bull-horns of the heavily armed and hostile Alabama police force, this showed his leadership skills at sharing the responsibilities as well as the opportunities that come with being a leader.He never argued, he only communicated efficiently and peacefully with the opposition.King realized that all around him there was hostility, so he counteracted this with an anti-violence approach.He had plenty of commitment to his cause and showed unquestioned patience at all times, even going to jail and undergoing racial abuse to further his beliefs.
Martin Luther King, Jr. had plenty of authority, power and eff…

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