Law vs. Beliefs

What does a person have to face when he breaks the rule and the law? His self-consciousness? The negative consequences after he gets caught? Anindividual should not break the social rule stipulated by law. This is what we have been taught and educated about since our childhood, and this legal and moral concept has been deeply implanted in our minds and guides our daily behavior, our way of communicating with others, and our style of interacting with this society. An individual should not break the rule even if it??s against his or her personal beliefs. Law is something set by a nation??s legislative organization for people to follow. It aims at protecting the rights, properties, etc., of the great majority of the people in the society. Law and personal beliefs do not contradict one another in a general, normal sense. They are a somewhat complementary distribution interaction. Sometimes, they go against each other, even though law cannot be sacrificed for the sake of so-called satisfaction of personal beliefs.
In a society law is set to protect people??s rights within it. When the law is broken the individual who breaks the law may enjoy some privileges; others may lose themat the same time. The purpose of the law is not only giving people rights but also keeping a common peace within a community or society by confining or limiting people??s boundaries of activities. To keep a common peace is what national government uses to keep the country united into one. Breaking the law would do nothing good for ourselves as individuals but causes trouble, disadvantage, etc. The basic concept of being a knowledgeable human is not breaking rules, even if it??s against ones own beliefs.Three social conventions confine and influence directly or indirectly our individual and socialbehavior in our daily life. They are law, morality and belief, overlapping on top of each other as a hierarchy. One follows another, andseldom contradi…

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