In 1959 Petaluma purchased Lafferty Ranch to provide water for the citizens, from the headwaters of Adobe Creek.1992, the state, stated the water, "seismically unsound", and had to retrofit it.When that was going on we got our water from the Sonoma County Water Agency' Russian River transmission system.In 1962, Petaluma had a general plan to turn Lafferty into a park site.The neighbors of Lafferty didn't like the idea of having a public accessed park in their back yards so they opposed the plan.Peter Pfendler, a neighbor to Lafferty, was willing to swap his ranch for Lafferty so they could open a park.
In 1996 there were two groups with petitions that were circulating.Friends of Lafferty, who wanted to keep Lafferty.But their petition was disqualified because lack of public notice.The other group was the Committee for choice, and they had two petitions going around.One was the Lafferty/Moon swap, and the other was limited public access to Lafferty, which contained docent tour on three days of the year.Both of their petitions were disqualified when the city clerk noticed that a number of the signatures were forged.After the forged signatures, the city council decided to keep Lafferty, but they are studying the environmental impact of the park.
I think some of the pros of having the park open is that people can have a chance to get fresh air and explore the great outdoors.I think that a lot of young people like to go hiking but don't want to drive that far, and Sonoma Mountain is a beautiful place, only if the public respect it.Some of the cons of having the park, is some people don't care about respect so there will be litter in the park.The drive to Lafferty is not safe, there are lots of twists and most of the time there is lots of fog.If more people drive to Lafferty, there is more possibility of getting hurt.People might be too loud, causing neighbors to complain.

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