La Femme Nikita the Full Fifth Season

was throughly dissapointed by the ‘real’ ending to the show, the one before fans demanded more episodes. Honestly, I was a bit confused during these last 8 episodes, but in the end I was happy to have some answers and conclusions some revelations and even more Michael and Nikita (yum!). While I’m a sucker for happy endings, I knew none could really be had in Section, so these episodes stayed true to the show. The price could be a little cheaper for only 8 episodes, but with other seasons priced at $60 + what can I expect? I still don’t know why they’re so expensive. If your’e patient (and cheap or poor) wait for a sale, I did. This is a great series, with wonderful character developement which never really got off the ground floor. Still, devoted LFN fans cheered the show to 5 seasons. I think without even re-runs being showns, you have to buy it on DVD now to get your fix unless you taped all the eps. While S5 does die up things and give a more satisfying ending, you can actually get away with only buying season 1-4 and be happy. But the whole collection is for any real fan. Also, any episode commentary is golden.

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