king leopold’s

Cliques crystallize truths discovered from history.However, as they work their way into human expression their origins and meaning fall to the weigh-side and they become only reminders of things once understood now forgotten.
King Leopold;s thrive for the Congo gives some credit to the argument that it is not what you know but who you know and postulate further it is not what you believe but what you can persuade others to believe you believe.King Leopold maintained his vast amount of power from a seemingly isolated state by distinguishing and utilizing key figures to reiterate his false purpose and conceal his infamous ambitions.Most often the King of Belgium accomplished this relationship by stimulating the secret agendas; of potential allies with prestigious monitorial authority cased in humanitarian visionary. Throughout the world;s history colonization and brutal overtakings have been justified not only in the name of God but also in the name of civilization.However it is notable that the true motives of subjecting one nation under another;s rule primarily lie in the thirst for power and the hunger for money. Each explorer, diplomat, senator, parliament member, and businessman abhered to!
the loftier goals of the Congo yet displayed vigorous support when these goals paralleled self-interests.King Leopold like any true utilitarian vivaciously exploited each man for all his worth then retired him to ostracism.However the man who generated the most damaging evidence against the King of beasts was non-other-than one of his lobbyists, Kowalsky.He averted his alliance when he concluded his self-interest to lie else where.
With these human nature monuments, power, money and prestige, sought after the sanctity of life becomes overwhelmingly negated. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, yet another clique quote that summarizes the downfalls of the Congo. To control a man;s destiny…

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