Kids Should be Tried As adults

The Federal Government should have kids tried as adults.What happens to the teacher's families who are killed in school shootings?I feel that the federal government should change these laws for the following reasons.It filters out bad kids, helps keep them off the streets, and lowers crime rates over all.It will help a lot of kids learn from their mistakes a lot faster due to the more severe punishments.And the most important of all, it'll save lives.
It keeps bad kids off the streets.The kids obviously need help, and for the government to make the laws more strict, it will help keep them off the street longer.A good example is a brutal slaying the occurred in March of 1989.a 13-year-old girl let two boyfriends into her home so they could kill her father, who was strangled, stabbed and beaten on the head with a fireplace poker.That's just not acceptable in our society today.The police said that the father could have died from all three of the methods they used.Can you imagine your daughter having two of her boyfriends come over, and then stab you, strangle you, and beat you to death?It's more like torturing to death rather than killing.That doesn't sound too appealing if you ask me.
I also feel that if kids like this know that they are too young, then they will just go off and kill someone knowing that they won't be severely punished."What is unusual about this one [case] is the age of the defendants and the brutality of the crime,"Halford said.Halford was a detective at the scene of the crime.The defendants cannot be tried as adults because they are under the age of 16, so the maximum penalty they can face is sentencing to the California Youth Authority until the age of 15, the judge said.I believe that if they're old enough to commit a crime like an adult, then they can serve the time like an adult.What happens if some

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