karl marx

Karl Marx was a believer in an inevitable revolution between capitalists, and the workers employed in their industries.He claimed that the actual cost of any product is simply the price of material and most importantly, the labor employed to build it.However, the owner of the industry does no labor in creating the product, but rather buys a laborer and sells the results of that man’s work.What he refused to accept, was the fact that the owners would sell the product for more than he paid the laborer making it.Marx therefore considered any profit or difference made in the sale, to be stolen from the worker.He anticipated that industrial owners would then begin to thicken their wallets by paying workers as little as possible, consequentially, causing his employees to become increasingly poor.Marx theorized that this increasing wealth of the capitalist, along with the increasing poverty of the workers, would eventually cause a revolution.
As in all societies, individuals are placed into social classes.They are informally separated into these classes by means of their income, and worth to the society.The higher classes are capitalists who most likely inherited monies, and thus are considered to be more important than peasants or laborers.Peasants and laborers are then classified by their wealth (or lack of), which is directly proportional to their importance in the industry.Peasants are considered to be unimportant, and therefore are placed at the bottom of the social ladder.While laborers, although replaceable, are believed to be slightly more important, thus they are placed on a rung just above that of the peasants.The individuals in these classes become aware of their identities and interests, by socializing with other individuals who are considered to be in the same class.
The mode of production of material life determines the social,political and intellectual life process in general.Butit is no…

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