Justice means something different to everyone.There are many different ways to define and many more ways to interpret the definitions.The textbook definition of justice is: "The principle of fairness; the ideal of moral equality" (Criminal).Many believe that there is no justice or that the standard of justice are not applied to everyone.
Justice is an idea that has been around since rules have been around.Even eye for eye justice is justice.Today, the justice system is much more complicated and much more fair, but the same principles that once were applied will always be applies.Justice revolves around the principle that every action has a consequence.The criminal justice system aims to provide adequate and fair punishment to those who commit unlawful actions.Things haven't always been this way.In ancient Egypt, thefirst written code of laws, the code of Hammurabi, was meant to serve justice.By today's standards, this was not justice at all.Some countries have not come as far as the US, but that is because their idea of justice is different than ours.In America, we believe that some punishments that would be perfectly acceptable in certain Asian or Middle Eastern countries, to be too severe.For example, in some countries theft would result in the loss of your hand, in America you would get probation.That is an example of two completely different interpretations of what justice is.The common theme is wrong actions are punished by means, which are accepted by the society in which they occurred (Webb/Criminal).
Justice is an ideal that gives order to society.Justice doesn't only relate to crime, it can also relate to lawmaking( OED).Laws are required to be fair and just.This doesn't mean that unjust laws are not passed.In theory justice will prevail and any unjust law will be destroyed and replaced.Justice in lawmaking means that the law will can and

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