A Judge is an elected or appointed position that leads over a court (Inciardi, 2002).Judges preside over courts, and it is their responsibility to insure that justice is administered in an impartial and fair manner (Inciardi, 2002).According to Satter (1995) Judges make rulings on questions regarding law and legal procedure in the courtroom.Responsibilities and duties of judges vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction (Neubauer, 2002).Judges for the most part have practiced law as lawyers previously to becoming a judge (Inciardi, 2002).The position of judge has a long history dating to the earliest civilizations.Judges have played an important role in different societies throughout history.Between 1792 BC and 1758 BC thefirst written laws appeared in Babylon, known as the Code of Hammurabi, Judges were then appointed to ensure the laws were carried out.Judges have been an integral part of the justice system here in the United States from the beginning.
In the United States there are various different courts with different jurisdictions and responsibilities;there are also various different types of judges with different powers and limitations that sit in these courts (Neubauer, 2002).There are Federal Courts, State Courts, Tribal Courts, and even courts for the military (Neubauer, 2002).Under each one of these groups are different courts from trial courts to appellate courts (Inciardi, 2002).Justices and magistrates are also judges.Robert Satter (1990) suggests in the United States a judge is looked at as a highly respected prestigious individual.Judges should receive the utmost respect by those in the courtroom (Satter, 1990).Judges have a great responsibility to know and understand the law and how it is meant to be carried out (Inciardi, 2002).Judges have many responsibilities in the courtroom; some examples of theses responsibilities include: setting bail, determining if probable cause exists to …

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