johnson and johnson research report

In the mid-1880's the development of thefirst ready-made and ready to use surgical dressing marked the birth of a company, Johnson and Johnson.This new product was based on a surgical concept that led to the reduction of infection and disease to patients.
It all started with Robert Wood Johnson who studied surgeon Sir Joseph Lister.Sir Joseph Lister had new idea about airborne germs that were the source of infections in operating rooms.After hearing Lister speak Robert Wood Johnson played with the idea and how to use Lister's teaching.He had the idea of surgical dressings, ready made, sterile, wrapped, and sealed in individual packages.They would be perfect for instant use without the risk of infections.
In 1885 Robert Wood Johnson joined with his two brothers James Wood and Edward Mead Johnson and created a partnership.By 1886 the three men started a small operation in New Brunswick, N.J. with fourteen employees.They were in the fourth floor of an old wallpaper factory.In 1887 the Company became incorporated and entered the surgical dressings industry.
Johnson and Johnson'sfirst products were medicinal plasters with medical compounds mixed in adhesive.They worked at improving products and thinking of new ones.Then the company designed a soft absorbent cotton and gauze dressing that could be mass produced and shipped in great quantity to hospitals.
1897 was the year that the company found it's slogan "The Most Trusted Name in Surgical Dressing."This came from their new sterilization processes, which used steam and pressure.
Over the years Johnson and Johnson has become to enjoy product diversification.In 1921 they came out with Band Aid Brand Adhesive Bandaged and Johnson's Baby cream.As the Company grew in products and size they started organizing individual divisions.The manufacture of disposible surgical packs and gowns became Surgikos Inc., and …

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