john howard

It was early morning in Baghdad. The sun had just begun to creep over the sand dunes of the Iraqi desert and the coalition forces were poised for their attack. They had entered the city during the night, and were waiting at their posts for the signal to come from their commanders. They had been told that an Iraqi weapons stockpile was being kept inside the warehouse that they were now surrounding. The plan was to go in, arrest anyone at the scene and secure all of the weapons.

President Bush had been unable to attend the operation so he had sent John Howard, the Prime minister of Australia as his replacement. The idea was to broadcast live footage of the Prime Minister and coalition troops seizing the weapons, then for Howard to make a speech on how successful the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein had been so far.

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The warehouse had been well covered up. It was old and run-down and had peeling signs and advertisements scattered across the outside walls. A large, half worn out photo of some biscuits in a tin was painted above the main doors, suggesting it had once been a biscuit factory or something of the sort.

The signal came through on the radio. The troops ran for the warehouse in force, two at the front used a battering ram to knock down the doors. They charged inside straight away, struck by the huge piles of boxes covering the warehouse floor. They moved in groups checking every last inch of ground for possible attackers. There was only one other room apart from the main storage area. It seemed like a manager's office, the only furniture inside being a desk and chair. A squad entered the office whilst the rest began opening and searching the many boxes. The only object found in the office was a small handgun in the desk drawer, probably for security reasons.

After hours of checking through boxes all they could find were clothes, they must have been dumped there or were waiting to be exported out of the country…

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