Jaco Pastorious

Jaco Pastorious III had a strong music career along with a remarkable lifestyle.His rapidity, and talent for composing, earned Jaco, the title "the greatest bass player in the world." Jaco was born on December 1, 1951 in Norristown, Pennsylvania. As the son of a renowned jazz drummer, Jaco had been exposed to jazz at a young age. At the age of seven, he and his family moved to Ft. Lauderdale. While in Florida, he was introduced to many different styles of music ranging from Caribbean to rhythm'n' blues (Milkowski, 10). As a little boy, Jaco's father would take him and his brother to various clubs in Philadelphia, and often push them to go on stage and sing along with the band. Jaco loved the opportunity to perform in front of an audience (Milkowski, 21).
Jaco was originally a drummer, but after a football injury to the wrist, he switched to the bass. One of hisfirst bands as a bassist was the Las Olas Brass, which he joined at the age of fifteen. Las Olas Brass was a nine-piece horn band that played well liked tunes by artists such as Aretha Franklin and James Brown. Kenny Neubauer, a bass player for the band, was planning to leave and Jaco saw this as a great opportunity to become the bands new bass player. Jaco became interested in bass music so he saved money, went to a local pawnshop, and bought a bass for fifteen dollars. He began practicing daily, for several hours. Later, he made an amplifier at shop class and attached headphones to it so that he would not upset anyone while he played. By the time he was sixteen he was one of the best bass players in South Florida. As the years passed he became better and was considered a musical genius by those who knew him. He was able to pick up an instrument and learn to play it regardless of what instrument it was. Jaco did not have many friends and felt isolated most of the time. It was not until he released hisfirst album that Jaco really stood out amid …

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