Jacksonian Democrcay

As a guardian of individual liberty, Andrew Jackson, once again, had good intentions but was blind to his own mistakes and wrongdoing.No different from almost all of the whites in the 1820's and 1830's, Jackson failed accept blacks and Indians as "true" people of America. Would a man truly set out to fight for individual liberty support, and participate in slavery or to deny Native American the ability to own land?Absolutly not.
The Jacksonian Democrats saw themselves as guardians of equality of economic opportunity; this was far from the truth.Thefirst action that failed to make the American economy equal and more effective was Jackson's "Tariff of Abominations".These selfish tariffs, created mainly to obtain supporters in the North, undoubtedly helped the Mid-Atlantic States, along with New England, and their manufacturing of goods and textiles.However, contrary to equal economic opportunity, the Southern states were severely hurt by the new polices. The high tariffs led the Southern plantation owners to fear a decline in cotton and tobacco exports, which would ultimately lead to a decline in slavery – the backbone of the Southern economy.Again, in 1832, Jackson made a decision that would eventually leave America in its worst depression yet.It was a gutsy veto, coming in an election year, but it did show Jackson would do everything to fight for the common folk when he said, "It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes." (Doc. B)By selfishly vetoing the renewal of the National Bank, he set America back and he failed to realize the positive side of having such an institution.Understanding the true power the bank had and that most states supported it, Daniel Webster replied to this veto by simply stating, "It raises a cry that liberty is in danger". (Doc. C)Liberty truly was in dan…

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