Is Sociology a product of Modernity Discuss

What is sociology if not the systematic attempt to come to an understanding of modern society? (Wagner 1994).Sociology and modernity are closely intertwined, but it has also been argued that sociology is actually a product of modernity.Which camefirst, the egg or the chicken?The same sort of puzzled question is proposed in relation to sociology and modernity and the answer is often vague.I shall be exploring this concept within this brief essay.
For the purposes of answering this question I will turn to Anthony Giddens (1982) to define sociology…. “Sociology is concerned with the study of human societies….a society is a cluster, or a system of institutionalised modes of conduct….sociology has as its main focus the study of institutions of the advanced or the industrialised societies and of the conditions of transformation of those institutions”.
An understanding of modernity is also needed.Modernity is a phase in human history in which it is believed that humans can use scientific knowledge to ensure progress, it is a new experience.To Seidler and many other writers enlightenment thinking is the foundation of modernity. (Haralambous and Holborn 1996)
The idea of society is a relatively new concept, in Webers feudalist society pre industrial revolution the understanding of the small dwellings were territorial, self-sufficient units.The road to modernity is said to have been a slow and tedious journey, perhaps beginning in the twelfth century, however, there has been more than one change in history over time so a date cannot be given.It has been argued by Marx that the beginning of market towns saw the major step towards an intellectual society and citizens became more civilised but at the same time dependant upon one another.The eighteenth century enlightenment period previously had not only created an environment in which a new science could be developed due to the value of progress being advertised, bu…

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