is marajuana safe

MARIJUANA use is relatively safe according to a new report by a top medical researcher in the'British Medical Journal'. (20 words)
The report says, that while the use of cannabis is not harmless, the current knowledge base does not support the association that cannabis has any impact to mortality rates. Most of the deaths from chronic diseases resulting from substance misuse generally result from the use of alcohol and tobacco.
The report by Dr Steven Sidney also claims that Exposure to smoke is generally lower in cannabis than in tobacco smokers, even taking into account the larger exposure per puff.
Another recent article in the'British Medical Journal' suggested that as many a 30,000 deaths a year in Britain could be caused by smoking cannabis, based on a view that the amount of cannabis users is a quarter of that who smoke cigarettes, so the number of deaths will be a quarter of regular smoking figures.
Dr Sidney claims that "most cannabis users generally quit using the drug relatively early in their adult lives and so diseases that might be related to long term use of the drug are unlikely to have a sizeable public health impact".
While there is no real proof for either side of the argument, many researchers believe that believe that cannabis is only a health risk if it is smoked excessively. It is not just how much that is smoked, it is how it is smoked that may affect the smokers health, if it is smoked through a pipe or a bong there is less of a risk of cancer than if it is smoked with tobacco in a joint. Although smoking cannabis on its own could lead to a greater risk of mental illness than in a joint.
In a recent interview, County Durham drugs councillor Patrick Hargreves said that smoking a few joints on a weekend is safer than having a few beers. He also said that people are scared of drugs and people who take drugs, because there is a general public lack of knowledge abou…

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