Is euthanasia Ethical

Euthanasia Comes from the Greek word meaning the good death. It is defined as The act or practicing the end of life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment. If a patient is suffering from an incurable disease, or is in pain and near the end of their rope I feel that euthanasia is the only humane answer to their predicament.
There are two kinds of euthanasia, active and passive, Active euthanasia is an intentional act that causes death.Active Euthanasia can also be split into two different categories, involuntary and voluntary.Involuntary Euthanasia happens when a patient does not give the doctor permission to give them a lethal injection that would result in their death.On the flip side voluntary euthanasia is when the patient gives the OK for the doctor to go ahead with the injection because the patient feels they have no reason to continue with life.Passive Euthanasia is the intentional act to avoid the dying process.The Difference between the two (active and passive euthanasia) is that in Active Euthanasia the act performed on the patient directly kills and is meant to kill the patient.Passive Euthanasia occurs when doctors withhold treatment from a patient with a disease which might have ordinarily killed them if they didn?t get treatment for it.
Many argue that practicing Euthanasia is just like murder, but euthanasia can be separated from murder because in murder there is a motive.There is no motive for doctors to kill their patient.They most likely don?t have a grudge to settle with a patient, and even if they did they are not allowed to settle it when it is their patient.Doctors take and oath that says they will try to help patients no matter the circumstance.If someone is suffering and there is no cure for they?re suffering the argument can be made that letting the

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