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The severe mood fluctuations of bipolar or manic-depressive disorders have been around
since the 16-century and affect little more than 2% of the population in both sexes, all
races, and all parts of the world (Lee, Down is Not Out 9). Researchers think that the
cause is genetic, but it is still unknown. The one fact of which we are painfully aware of
is that bipolar disorder severely undermines its' victims ability to obtain and maintain
social and occupational success (10) Because the symptoms of bipolar disorder are so
debilitation, it is crucial that we search for possible treatments and cure (12).
The characteristics of bipolar disorder are significant shifts in mood that go from
Manic episodes to deep depressive episodes in an up and down trip that seemingly never
ends (Greer, Depression Source Book 139).There are actually three types of bipolar
disorder (5). In bipolar III disorder there is a family history of mania or hypomania in
addition to the client experiencing depressive episodes (13) this category is not highly
used but is worth noting. Bipolar II disorder is marked by hypomanic episodes that have
not required hospitalization (29). Bipolar I disorder is the full-blown illness and is
defined by the presence of manic episodes which require treatment, and usually
Bipolar disorder can strike at any age but most commonly strikes at age 18 in
bipolar I; for bipolar II disorder, the age is 22 it has also been found that children can be
seen with bipolar disorder early on (Lee 48) this is not very prevalent, and is only one in
every 200 cases (Greer 93) This is thought to occur because many children with manic
depression might have been misdiagnosed or just thought of as hyperactive and
disruptive (Lee 81) The early symptoms of childhood bipolar disorder, distractibility,
irritability, and hyperactivity are also the signs of attention deficit hyperactivity di…

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