Iraq Survey

Research – Middle East Survey
I went around a high school during lunch to survey a student and ask him about some questions about our situation with Iraq and the Middle East. I asked a series of fifteen questions to see what their opinions and feelings were for issues that can or will come up as this situation grows. Their opinions were similar to what I feel, but some aspects were different with my interviewee.
Thefirst question asked was concerning the US military draft. He said that he was terrified of the thought of being drafted into war. He is afraid that if the war grows large enough, that there would be a chance he could be drafted. I feel the same way, because I just turned eighteen and the possibility of being drafted is there. I am also concerned that if the war grows, that I could be drafted and sent to the Middle East.
The second question asked was about homeland security. I asked if there was a fear that we could be bombed or attacked at home. He said that he was scared that we could be attacked somehow, but not by means of a bombing. He feels that there is no immediate threat to Ooltewah, Tennessee. I also feel that way, but I am afraid that Oak Ridge could be a target and that could endanger us in this area.
The third question was asking if he agrees that we are the largest threat to world peace. He did not know the answer to this question, but I would have to say no that we are working towards a better, safer world. I disagree with Britain saying that we posed the largest threat to world peace.
The fourth question was whether or not bin Laden was still alive and whether or not he poses a threat to the United States. He said that he thinks that he is still alive, and that he poses a larger threat to the US than Iraq. I would disagree because Iraq is more organized and a longer known enemy. We think Iraq has built weapons of mass destruction and is not afraid to use them. I have not heard of bin Laden ha…

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