The American citizens are much more aware of global terrorism today than ever before. This heightened public consciousness has led to a feeling of fear among the people. It has been said that fear leads to irrational thinking, but it can also be said that fear helps to focus on a problem. It is a fear of Saddam Hussein that led President Bush to ask Congress to declare war him. And it is fear that led 64% of Americans to support the war on terror (Time,3). It is impossible for Americans to feel safe knowing than an evil man like Saddam Hussein has chemical and biological weapons at his disposal. Therefore, the United States should invade Iraq to destroy any and every threat to American lives.
Thefirst reason that the United States should invade Iraq is because there is strong evidence that Saddam Hussein possesses chemical and biological weapons. One reason that the United States is so sure that Iraq possesses these weapons is that during the early 1980's, the CIA, to fight Iran, gave Saddam Hussein chemical and biological weapons. Included in the group of weapons given to Iraq were Anthrax and Sarin gas. "Even though after the Gulf War, the UN dismantled 39,000 chemical bombs in Iraq, by the time they were kicked out in 1998, they estimated that there were still 6,000 chemical bombs left" (Time, 2). When the United States has this intelligence, it is almost stupid for them not to do anything about it.
Another reason why the United States should invade Iraq is that Saddam's technological capabilities are getting stronger and stronger every day. The UN had no idea of Iraq's technologies until Saddam's son defected in the early 1990's. He brought with him stories of underground labs, making anthrax and other deadly gases. These gases, according to Saddam's son, were then loaded into warheads. These are not the only new technologies Iraq has developed. According to New

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