Since 1979, the United States' international relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran have been shadowed by bitter contempt and dismay.In a world growing through globalization and increased international law, foreign policy with the State Departments list of "rogue" states is remarkably important.Since the Clinton administration's signing of the Iran- Libya Sanctions Act and George W. Bush's 5-year extension of the act in 2001, there has been little progress in the establishment of "friendly" relations between the states. There is a long hard road to be fought before any leeway can be achieved. Both countries have much to gain from the emergence of Iran. However political and general opinion is not allowing of such propositions. It is important to the entire Middle East peace process to establish stable relations with all the Islamic communities. This will allow wide spread trade and an overall ease of operation. This is the future our generation can hope for and strive to achieve. This "Utopia" of economies can only be reached through long hard deliberation and compromise.
Since 1979 the condition of relations between Iran and the United States has been pock marked with unbelievable pain and misery. Their constant attempts at retrieving weapons of mass destruction(WMD) cannot and will not be tolerated in this democracy. As Iran receives WMD from foreign suppliers we are forced to counter-attack with trade restrictions and harsh economical repercussions. Iran continues to allow China, Russia, and North Korea to come behind the lines and supply them with these weapons.0
One of the important connections made by Iran includes North Korea. As part of President Bush's "axle of evil", North Korea and Iran are both searching the globe for nuclear weapons. This brief section of President Bush' State of Union Address is able to capture the deceptive friendship:…

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