Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia

Imperialism is defined as "the policy of extending a nation’s authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations,; according to the dictionary. In order for this paper to exist, the following information must be made known. Simply put, the countries controlling the lovely IRs would be Russia, Britain, and France. However, the power over the countries shifted, and on certain occasions wasn;t even there. Also, the pre-existing forms of government need to be related in order to understand the changes that occurred.
Although Iraq and Saudi Arabia were under the control of the Ottoman Empire, Iran only fell to that fate for a few years. It was basically independent. Some time after 1355, Timur, a relative of Genghis Kahn, attempted to reinstitute Mongol rule. It didn;t work out so well though. The Persians took their land back and gained power once again in 1501, with the Safavid dynasty. Afghans caused this dynasty to collapse. Then another Turk, Nader Shah, rid Iran of the Afghans. In 1747, he was assassinated.Civil war then broke out, placing the Zands against the Qajars. The Qajars won, and established a dynasty of the same name in 1747. All this eventually led to Imperialism. (Series Book: Cultures of the World, Iran/Iraq New York Time Editions Pre Ltd 1993)
Wars caused most of thedifficulty that left these nations susceptible to imperialism. Had it not been for their strategic location, Russia and Britain might never have become interested in these nations. Being situated, as it was, directly between these two warring countries, both wanted it to attack the other. Luckily for them, because of the recent civil wars, Iran was in need of finance. So it agreed to allow them to go through the country in return for loans. Both were glad to help. Britain also helped, and had been helping, with negotiations and treaties. For all this, obviously, Brit…

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