Investigative Report: Into Africa

This report will focus on the continent of Africa and its relationship with United States foreign policy.It is a policy that many argue does not exist.The investigation will reveal answers to questions such as, is Africa a forgotten nation? and can anything be done to strengthen ties between the U.S. and Africa?Also, the investigation will draw parallels as to why the United States, a powerhouse in the area of foreign policy, should have more to do with a continent whose people were brought overseas to a new land.Finally it will include a discussion about the meaning of American foreign policy and the potential consequences that may arise from a relationship with Africa.
American foreign policy and the continent of Africa do not go hand in hand.Very little of our foreign policy has anything to do with this ancestral land.At least one-tenth of the American population came to America in slave ships from Africa (Booker 88).This fact shows that many American citizens trace their heritage back to Africa.
First, it is important to start with a general background of Africa, the continent itself.Africa is home to fifty-three sovereign nations and 800 million people (88).In the 222 years of U.S. history, no American president had ever made an extensive visit to Africa until President Clinton (88).This fact is interesting because Africa represents enormous size in the areas of population and geography.Within Africa, many countries exist.It is not a country that has the potential to be overlooked physically.Yet, somehow it seems as though American foreign policy has overlooked this land completely.In a time when our nation's leaders visit the Middle East and Europe on almost a daily basis, Africa has been forgotten.
Taking into consideration the ideals provided by the theory of internationalism, the U.S. should take the necessary steps to become more involved with this specific continent.Internation…

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