Introduce, Discuss and Analyze Abortion and the Media

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of abortion and the media.Specifically it will discuss media coverage of abortion issues and the liberal bent of most American media.Abortion is a contentious issue in America today.The American media often adds fuel to this fire by portraying liberal views toward abortion in subtle ways.Much of the American media supports abortion and that feeling comes through in their reporting.Thus, the American media presents bias in reporting abortion issues and makes those who oppose abortion seem somehow wrong or misguided.
More and more, there seems to be less journalistic judgment and more bias in American media coverage.The media are becoming “friendlier,” and they seem to want to befriend and nurture Americans while reporting the news.They are becoming far less objective in much of their coverage, as well.View the three major television networks and the viewer will see vastly different reporting styles and coverage, and differences in outlook too.Some stations are much more sensationalized than others are, and most seem to take a liberal slant to their stories.This often makes reporting on contentious issues take on the political views of the reporter or station owners, rather than reporting a balanced view on the issues.One of the most contentious issues in America is abortion, and much of the American media is liberally supportive of this practice, and that is quite obvious in their reporting of the issue.
The media often covers abortion issues, especially when they are relevant to other news, such as the upcoming national elections.For example, ABC World News recently covered a very contentious abortion bill on the November South Dakota ballot.While it presented the facts, it took a decidedly liberal view of the ballot question, calling it “the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the country” (Reynolds, 2006).The reporter goes on t…

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