Introduce and Analyze Cloning: Why It Should Be Stopped

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and analyze the topic of cloning.Specifically it will discuss why the biotechnology of cloning of animals and humans should not be supported; instead, it should be stopped.Cloning is a controversial issue that faces the world today.Since the turn of the 21st century, (and before), scientists have been cloning animals, and many people believe this cloning will eventually lead to cloning humans.This is wrong, and the practice should be stopped altogether, before it leads to human cloning, which would be morally and ethically wrong.
In 1996, “Dolly” the sheep made worldwide headlines when Scottish scientists announced they had successfully cloned her.Dolly is a sheep, but she is not a normal sheep, and her condition several years after the initial cloning indicates this.In fact, Dolly suffers from numerous health issues, and is aging faster than other comparable sheep.One reporter writes, “The illness may be a sign that, as some scientists believe, even apparently healthy clones are doomed to suffering and an early grave” (Meek, 2002).In fact, studies indicate that cloned animals suffer a variety of illnesses, and that cloning also destroys numerous healthy animal embryos every year, another reason that many people are speaking out against cloning.There have not been enough studies or understanding into the health issues that affect animal clones, and the practice is destructive, as well.
In addition, cloning is not the exact science that many people may believe it is.Reporter Meek continues, “Dolly was born and grew up apparently healthy after 276 failed attempts to clone a sheep. Since then, none of the other species to have been cloned – cows, mice, cats, goats, pigs and rabbits – has improved much on that appalling failure rate” (Meek, 2002).Not only does this show how cloning can destroy numerous healthy embryos, (one attempt used over 9,000 embryos to create 700 clo…

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