Inner Harbor

This is the third book to a wonderful Trilogy. Philip the last of the Quinn brothers finds his true love. All the loose ends are finally tied up. Is Seth really Ray Quinn’s son? This is revealed in this installment. This was the best, the most intense and most emotional of all three books.

Phillip Quinn, a high powered ad exec living in Baltimore and the last of the Quinn brothers still single. The Quinn family saved him from a life a crime of theft and street running when he was a boy.

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Sybil needs to find the little boy she remembers from 6 long years ago before things completely fall apart. Did the Quinn’s really steal Seth from his mother? Who were these people? Sybil is about to find out. She is on a personal mission and when she sees him, things aren’t what they seem. The Quinn brothers are gentle with him and seem to love him. Then she seems to fall for Phillip. When her identity is revealed, the tenuous grip she has on him falls apart as she now must defend herself against the protective family and find the truth.

Can Phillip trust her knowing who she is? Can he look past it to find love? Can they together save Seth from an uncaring mother who wants him for money? Sybil finds out that blood can indeed be thicker than water.

Great Trilogy read each installment in order and you will be very delighted!

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