People in our country are mainly divided by their beliefs.Initiatives have a way of really showing how divided we can be.Most Americans usually take one side of an issue or another.Ofcourse there will always be the portion of people who are undecided or just don't care.There is a side to every initiative ever proposed and unfortunately everybody believes that they are on the right side.When an initiative is launched, hopefully it is a good idea and will make our country better.That isn't always the case, and people tend to choose sides quickly whenever a major issue is tossed onto the table.
The beliefs of both sides of an initiative become crystal clear when the issue is up in the air.People pick which side they want to agree with based on their beliefs and values.The two opposing groups think that they are correct and will win.Sadly, when a proposition is finally voted for one side will win and the other will be upset.With initiatives it is impossible to satisfy everyone.One way or another someone is going to lose.That is a big problem with the initiative system but that is how things are done in this country.
Initiatives are how changes are brought about in America.Like an issue, initiatives have supporters and enemies.Some people in this country think that initiatives are a horrible way to make changes and want to rid America of them.Others feel that initiatives are the only way for us as citizens to make a difference.An argument against having initiatives is that people feel that the officials should be deciding these propositions. Initiative supporters prefer to do this with out our government officials interfering.The anti-initiative people don't want the people to decide on issues concerning the state or country.Initiative supporters have the belief that it is our right to initiate change for the better good of the United States.
A good example of how initiatives d…

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