Indespensable man

Indispensable Man

Ourfirst president, George Washington, was
indispensable for a number of reasons.In the book,
"Washington The Indispensable Man," James Thomas
Flexnor points out many of the reasons he is
indispensable, such as the fact that he never quit, he
let his slaves go, he wouldn't side with the British or
the French, and he didn't accept being president for
the third term.These points may not seem to show his
indispensability, but if Washington wasn't ourfirst
president who knows where we would be right now
(probably be speaking French or in tyranny).

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Washington was criticized for a lot of things he
did, and he was also thanked for everything later.
When he would get criticized for something he wouldn't
quit or give in to what they want because they
criticized him.During the Jay treaty Thomas Paine
insults Washington in a peroration saying, "As to you,
sir, treacherous in private friendship (for so you have
been to me and that in the day of danger) and a
hypocrite in public life, the world will be puzzled to
decide whether you are an apostate or an impostor;
whether you abandoned good principles or whether you
had any." pg.354.Even when all odds are against him
in criticism he wouldn't even be phased, and stand his
ground.When Jefferson said, "he got into one of those
passions when he cannot command himself, ran on much on
the personal abuse which had been bestowed on him,
defied any man on earth to produce one single act of
his since he had been in the government which was not
done on the purest motives." pg.295.Washington said,
"he would rather be in his grave than be in his present
situation.That he had rather be on his farm than to
be made emperor of the world, and yet that they were
charging him with wanting to be king." pg.295.

The most indispensable accomplishment of Washington
is the freei…

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