Incarcertion of Pregnant women

The subject of incarceration of pregnant women has been a very controversial issue for years. In this debate, Ken Ayers argues YES. He is well qualified to take this stand because he has presented and published a number of works on this particular issue. He believes that pregnant women who are found guilty of committing crimes should be given special consideration. He explained the fact that there are inadequate medical facilities in prison to cater to the needs of pregnant women. He stresses that while he is not saying that pregnancy should be a major factor to be considered during pregnancy, it is a factor that should be put into consideration.
Pregnant women in jail have the dilemma of having to deal with the stress of being pregnant and the stress of being in jail at the same time. Statistics show that women inmates tend to be young, single, uneducated, and incarcerated for drug- alcohol offenses, and other non-violent crimes (pp91). He goes on to state that women who are in jail when they are pregnant are classic'high-risk pregnancies' (pp91). The reason he gives for this is the fact that inmates usually have had a previous lifestyle that was dangerous to their unborn child.
The Health and Medical Care in the prison system is very inadequate and the inmates usually cannot complain even though the Eighth Amendment is on their side. Pregnant women need good and consistent care to make sure that they carry the baby to term and have a smooth delivery. Prenatal Care is also necessary to monitor the baby's growth and development. Ayers suggests that incarceration of pregnant women would be an adequate choice if the health care is adequate but he further argues that the child, when born, will suffer a great deal because he or she has not bonded with his or her mother.
Laura Moriarty argues NO. She is also a very…

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