In The Womb

The National Geographic Video, "In the Womb" makes use of 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional sonar technology to depict a baby's development in its mother's womb.It depicts the development from a collection of cells, to a fully formed baby in the last months of pregnancy.Inside its mother's womb, the baby is shown in real time, making movements such as sucking its thumb, smiling, blinking, and making finger movements.The film also includes scenes of in-utero surgery to correct a genetic defect before birth.
The film is an example of how technology can be used to not only improve physical human health, but also emotional health.Being able to see, in real time, the development of the fetus inside her body can have a powerful effect on an expectant mother and father, especially with theirfirst-born.They are able to see, right from the beginning, the development and growth of their baby.This technology provides a very strong emotional bond between the parents and child, as well as between the parents.
This can bring about an emotional process that may encourage the mother to take better care of her and thus her infant's physical health as well.Feeling movement inside her body, the mother can now visualize the growing baby, and find the process of pregnancy and birth more meaningful and possibly somewhat easier to handle.
The National Geographic video can therefore make people even more aware of the precious nature of new life.While it is not possible to make such a video for every expectant mother, seeing this video can help expectant parents to be more aware of the process inside the womb.Furthermore, if technology or funds are not available for 4-D sonar photography, the video can supplement normal sonar technology to help parents be more aware of the coming child.In this way, National Geographic has created a well-constructed video to answer many of the questions regarding the begi…

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