Important Canadian Aspect: Abortion

Canada having several important aspects, abortion is one that sets a unifying force. Canada has a unique and long history around the topic of abortion. Abortion has created many debates and conflicts between governments, parties and individuals. Even though, judges have ruled and politicians have legislated, the controversy of abortion continues to shake our society.
Canada is one of the few countries in the world that has no criminal law restricting abortion. Even though, Canada has no law on abortion, women of all ages and doctors exercise their right to abortion responsibly. Canadafirst criminalized abortion in the 19th century. Canada's abortion law began to experience pressure to liberalize during the 1960's. These pressures mainly came from medical and legal associations, but also from various women's social groups.
The Justice Minister who presented this bill was Pierre Trudeau, who later became Canada's prime minister. Pierre Trudeau was successful in liberalizing Canada's abortion law, along with legalizing homosexuality and contraception, both of which had been illegal up until then.
Abortion is a difficult issue when it is viewed from a religious point of view. Many religious groups believe that from the moment of conception, a human being has been created in the image of God. Religious groups and churches have been opposing abortion and its legalization. Most arguments against granting women the right to abortion are based on religious and moral prohibitions, which defend the human life.
The legislation of abortion has strengthened in Canada, and benefited a woman's well being. Funding abortion is a positive social need for all Canadian women of childbearing age. Since the legalization of abortion, women have been provided with an improved condition of human rights that has enhanced their personal health, self-determination and control over their

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