Imperialism is a policy in which a country with a strong rich economy and great military power invades a weaker country to take over their government for either money or power. “Imperialism was a caused by the Industrial Revolution. During the Industrial Revolution many European countries invaded other countries for more land, more markets and more power.” This gave Imperialism a bad name due to forcing nations under their control and taking over what's not theirs. To me, I think imperialism is actually a good thing which benefits both the countries that are involved. For example, the invasion on Iraq by the U.S… This invasion will not only help the U.S. with its oil problems,our military power in the middle east will become stronger. It will also bring goods and help to the Iraqi people for the years to come.
Everyone knows that the possibility of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction is not the only reason why the Americans are in Iraq right now. The bigger reason is the issues dealing with oil.Iraq is one of the richest countries in oil and the United States is their biggest consumer.Oil pretty much runs this country, without it the life of Americans will not be the same.”With other countries like China, France and Russia trading with Iraq and not following the sanction UN and the Iraqi government made for their own economic gain.” The U.S. knew that the sanctions could not go on forever so we needed to do something about it, and sending troops to Iraq is our way of helping our own economy.Also there are other benefits for the U.S. in Iraq. We needed a strong military base in Iraq because the war is mostly happening in the middle east.After the U.S. take over Iraq we will have many bases in the middle east which will allow the U.S. to have much larger control over the middle east.U.S. will not have to get permission from other countries to use their bases.
Imperialism has done a lot of good for many n…

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