Impact of the Scientific Revolution on Europe

The terms "Scientific Revolution" and "Enlightenment" are used to describe two interrelated and sequential European intellectual movements that took place from the 1500s to the 1800s (Gale).During this time Europe was distraught due to a variety of economic, religious and social problems slowly creating chaos among its citizens.Economically, the scientific revolution brought upon a new age of prosperity with the increase of international trade.Furthermore, the scientific revolution also benefited Europe by encouraging many to question the teachings of the church and look for a more tangible understanding of the universe and its forces.In addition, this period of time also brought a change to the social classes and daily life of European citizens.Therefore in the midst of turmoil, the Scientific Revolution emerged and slowly created a sense of order.
17th century Europe was experiencing economic instability.The profits of precious metals from the new world cause inflation and forced monarchies to increase taxation (Gale).This caused uproar in the lower class citizens whose meager incomes could not facilitate a higher tax rate.However, the development of world trade during the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment changed the economic life of Europe from self sufficient town economies to capitalistic national economies (Gale).This created enormous opportunities for the entrepreneurs of the third class who now had the potential to expand their businesses from local, to in some cases an international level.The new wealth from the world trade also helped establish a new mercantile or middle class in Europe creating more wealth for many of its citizens reducing tension between the social classes.The trade also brought with it information of other cultures and beliefs which stirred the minds of many scientists and philosophers who began to adopt a new understanding of the universe and its …

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