Immunize yourself against historical ignorance of polio

As part of the generation of Americans who has grown up without the fear and/or experience of having contracted polio, I found Dr. oinks research into this epidemic a very enlightening read. Imagining what a world without vaccines were like are very chilling.

Coupled with then-constructions about people with disabilities and medical technology limitations, the specter of polio captured the imaginations and fears of whole communities. During the summer months, people were advised to be very cautious about where they swam unless they too had wanted to wind up with polio. The March of Dimes inadvertently helped to publicize people with disabilities even while the thrust of their founding campaign against Polio was destruction of the disease through a vaccine.

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The development of that vaccine brings us into 1954, approximately 10 years after revolts individual death. Jonas Salk made America’s first polio vaccine uses a killed-virus sample, and this commodity remained a virtual favorite for many years afterward. Although Albert Sabin’s live-virus vaccination soon became the particular model, it says extremely that the Salk product has reemerged to ultimately conquer polio once and for all.

Because society naturally has a tendency to anoint public figures and thus remove them from having any flaw, I actually did appreciate his research into the personal character traits of the scientists. Although these men ultimately helped to save America, they were personally imperfecting. I feel this humanizing approach makes them more available figures to me and other readers.

Presidential action from FDR was instrumental in encouraging the eradication of polio in America. Now as this highly-readable book is released, the United Nations has set an equally ambitious goal of eradicating the world of polio by 2008.

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