immigration speech

Speech 100
May 4, 2004

Immigration Reform

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Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that illegal immigration is too high in our country and changes need to be made.

Central Idea: Illegal immigration is out of control on our southern border and all Americans are suffering.


I. Imagine you step out of your car to fill it with gas; you hear a pop up in the hills and then look down to find a loved one lying in a puddle of blood with a hole through their head.
A. Or living in fear of your life every second of your life, this was the situation during the killing spree which should have been prevented by the sniper John Lee Malvo.
B. Malvo like so many others was able to just slip through the cracks of our ineffective INS policy. He was apprehended near Seattle in January of 2002 by the border patrol and handed over to the INS with an "immediate deportation" recommendation. But the INS overruled the Border Patrol and released Malvo into the wind.
II. American spend billions of dollars every year on illegal immigrants, thousands of tons of drugs are smuggled into the US and millions of undocumented aliens pour in from Mexico, while Washington stands by and does nothing to alleviate the problem.
A. Illegal immigration undermines legal immigration, harms the American workforce, fills our prisons, and cost Americans and estimated 20 billion a year, and why is nothing be done you might ask? Politics
B. With the huge numbers of Hispanic voters, any politician wanting to crack down on our southern borders can kiss their vote away hence pretty much costing him his position in any elected position.


I. Many people believe that illegal immigration is a victimless crime that is not the case.
A. Illegal immigration causes substantial harm to American citizens and legal immigrants, particularly those in the most vulnerable sectors of our population, the poor, minorities and children.
B. Il…

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