Immigration: An Issue of Controversy

Immigration has made America what it is today.The Germans, came in post revolutionary times, then the Irish, and finally the Italians, Jews, and Chinese.Now there’s another minority group that’s been immigrating to America.Immigrants from Mexico and Central America have been crossing the border in record numbers since the 1960’s, and the flow has yet to abate.As a result of such massive numbers of both legal and illegal immigrants, “[California’s] budget deficit is a record $145 billion” (James).Action should be taken to stop, or an attempt be made to slow the numbers of immigrants flooding California, and plans be made to assimilate these groups or America will not be able to survive.
During a time when immigration was welcomed, the United States was thriving, and growing at rapid speeds.Today, however, because of various events, (such as 9/11), the economy is failing, and America is struggling to stay afloat.California, especially, because of having to deal with the energy crisis, and being closest to the United States/Mexican border.According to James, “…California is broke”, and he blames the 1 million immigrants who enter it each year.
It’s hard for a state to balance itself when the scales are constantly being dipped in favor of the problem, rather than the solution. California can no longer support the, “…30 million or more newcomers…” that Leon Bouvier, a Demographer, predicts will immigrate to the U.S., “…in thefirst two decades of the twenty- first century”(James).
According to the National Debt Clock on September 26, at 6:21 PM, PST, the national debt is nearly $6.3 trillion, California, being one of the leaders in contributing to it.The government shells out over $1 billion dollars to California each year for funding programs such as, education and medical care.This also goes toward the education and care of, “…1.3 million newly legalized immigrants” (James).If action is not taken …

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