The simple dispute for immigration issues in Wausau became a complex dilemma after the major migration of the Hmong Asians. People of Wausau did not clearly understand the meaning of Immigration and all of its complexities.
Peoplefirst believed that the immigrants were decent and was under control. Later people were poisoned with the fact of Asian gangs affluent around their small town. This gave people assumptions.
People of Wausau speak for their community. Some believe that before 1978, the small town was filled with no racial conflicts. The town to some people was truly socially diverse in almost every way possible.
Then in late 1970s, Wausau congregations allowed a few Hmong, Lao and Vietnamese families to live in their little town. This allowed new discussion about the refugees and their families. The government reacts to the people by alternatively thinking about returning the Hmongs back to Lao.
Now with the attractive welfare rate and small town size, immigrants migrate to Wausau domestically from other states. With the bigger immigration rate, immigrants are bound to bring domestic relatives to Wausau.
Incoming immigration is not the only problem in Wausau, another big issue is Fertility. Some Hmong women would have around five children by the age of eighteen. One reason for this may be because of the high death rate of Hmong people in their native land. More issues arise about Hmong culture and that of Americans.
Community problems arise with the low amount of schools. Public Officials complain that they were not ready for such large increase in population, which were mostly children. Monetary support was also an important issue, since most of the immigrants were on welfare.
Racial hate like the Ku Klux Klan rise in popularity in Wausau. But the KKKs power never became uncontrollable. They were never a huge threat.
Here is my perspective about immigration in Wausau and Immigration in general. Immigration i…

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