I am from an ethnicity and culture that is in the forefront of many political topics in this region today.I am Mexican.When this word comes up most people seem to think of illegal immigrants crossing the border.This thought can bring up much resentment and contempt from certain groups, and along with this comes prejudice and discrimination.However, before I jump ahead of myself I would like to discuss the physical and cultural differences between my people- Mexicans and the U.S. majority- Whites.
Physical differences may seem obvious if you think in a stereotypical manner.But there is a great deal of physical diversity within the Mexican culture.The range can be anywhere from the “common” image of a short brown eyed, brown haired, brown skinned individual to the tall light eyed, light haired, light skinned person.In between is a mixture and combination of any of the mentioned characteristics (much of the variety comes from the blood of the Spaniards who invaded Mexico).In fact 60% of Mexico
Is made up of “mestizo”, mixed European and Indian decent and 30% “indigena”,
Native Americans of Indians ( who have darker skin are, of course, more easily pointed out as Mexicans and usually experience more prejudice and racism than those who have characteristics similar to the majority.However, prejudice within our own race sometimes makes up for the lack of prejudice from Whites, but I digress.
Moving on, there are many cultural differences.Language for one, which is Spanish (though there are over 50 indigenous languages ( is different.Not so much as it used to be however.Not everyone is wearing a poncho and sombrero.Of course food is different and is quite enjoyed by many Americans.However, Mexican-American food is somewhat different than Mexican food from Mexico.And I am not quite sure what Taco Bell food is. Maybe that can be called American-Mexican food?

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