Imigration Laws

Immigration, the entrance of people into a country for the purpose of settling there, has always played a central role in Canada's history.It was much a feature of ancient times when the ancestors of Canada's native peoples migrated from Asia by land via Beringia or by sea via the Japanese current, as it is of the present day, when immigrants from around the world come to this country in the thousands.At no time has immigration played a greater role in Canadian history than during the twentieth century.In fact without the immigrants who have settled in all areas of the country since the turn of the century, Canada would not be the culturally rich, prosperous, and progressive nation that it is today.The flood of people that poured into Canada between 1900 and 1914 and the dramatic changes in immigration patterns that occurred in more recent decades created a present day population that bears little resemblance to the population in 1900.Now the question is, "should the federal government restrict the number of new immigrants coming into Canada?"If the government did restrict it, Canada would not be the country it is today.For example we would not have the economy we do today.New immigrants provide a huge labor force for our country.Thanks to the Chinese immigrants, we now have a railroad that stretches all the way across our six thousand kilometer country.Now if the government did restrict immigrants we would not be near the place we are now.Currently we have most of our country settled, we could not have done that without the immigrants from other countries.Even though a country with many cultures is more difficult to operate politically, it is still worth it to have all these people in our country.So to answer the question, no the government should not limit the number of new immigrants coming into Canada.
Among those barred form entering Canada during the 1930's were thousands of desp…

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